Digital Detox

A Thriving Life Course

Coming 2014

As a society, we love our screens: our phones, computers, ipads, ipods, t.v.’s, and beyond. Though they serve as incredible tools of connection, perhaps you too have felt the control they can have over our life, the effects their distraction can have in our relationships and the watered down creativity that comes when we don’t get adequte time unplugged.

Digital Detox is an inspirational multi-media course that explores the balance between connecting vs. disconnecting, and real world experience vs. virtual world experience. This couse is not about abandoning these devices, but rather about discovering empowering solutions on how to live with them as the incredible tools that they can be when approached in a healthy balance. Cultivating your creativity, strengthening your relationships, and becoming your best self–can best be accomplished with a lifestyle that provides the spaciousness of a little less digital distraction.

Digital Detox is a 6 week course that explores the following:


Week One: Real World Experiences vs. Virtual World Experiences.
Week Two: Disconnection vs. Connection.


Week Three: Your relationship with creativity.
Week Four: Your relationship with friends/family.
Week Five: Your relationship with your work.
Week Six: Your relationship with yourself.

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