Module 2


What is the most important thing to your clients?


Everyone wants to look good.

You want to look good.

And you want your images to look good!

When everyone looks good they are much happier!

Our images could have amazing composition, light, editing, and even emotion—but if the pose or angle is unflattering it no longer matters. Your subjects have the most critical eyes of all when it comes to posing, because what matters most to them is “How do I look?”

Learning the art of posing is a key foundation in understanding how to work with each person to craft a pose that will make them look like the most flattering version of themselves.

This week we’ll learn some subtle tricks to posing that will help you build your own poses, as well as dive into the concept of using posing guides to keep your creativity and variety ticking! Many of these tricks we all do naturally when we stand in front of the mirror (we stand a little taller, we shift our weight around, we turn to the side…). All small but powerful moves for looking our best.

In the following video lessons we will discuss:

  • How to build a pose from scratch
  • Keeping variety in posing
  • Posing with guides
  • Posing 2 or more (Tips for posing couples and families)
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