Module 2


How Do You Deal With Problem Light?

What are the solutions for all those less than ideal circumstances that you find yourself in… dappled light, mid-day sun, color casting, low light, shooting indoors, and more!

Can you really turn mediocre light into something stunning?

Yes! And I can’t wait to show you how in person!

One of the best natural lighting skills that you can acquire for problem solving with light is learning how to effectively use backlighting.

It is my favorite go-to solution for many less than ideal lighting situations. If you can backlight, you can shoot at any time of day and get great shots.

End of story.

We’ll get into the details of all the ways to use backlighting as well as many other remedies for making mediocre light into something beautiful.

Ready to give it a go?

I know you can do it! Let’s dive in with the video below:

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