Module 4

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We’ve come upon our final week of our course and its time to show the tricks you’ve learned!

This weeks assignment will give you the opportunity to play with silhouettes, sun flares, star-bursts, creative white balance, or to stretch your creativity in an indoor location!

Our lessons this week are an overview on the “finish” of our photos. We do all we can to get the best shot possible in the camera, but the post processing step allows us to enhance our original vision.

We’ll be discussing my two key questions for editing:

1. Where do I want people to LOOK?
2. How do I want people to FEEL?

These two guides have served me well in being selective with the infinite possibilities that we are faced with in editing. You’ll be able to see how these guides works in reference to each of the live shoots you watched.

You’ll find a true “Start to Finish” of the whole process in the videos below:

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