Live Shoots

Think of the following videos as the “reality tv” portion of the course!

We’ll encounter challenges that we have to work around, we have subjects that are not professional models, and we have to come up with the solutions we need to achieve the vision that we have for the shoot from a storytelling perspective.

Some of the featured videos include:

Family Lifestyle Session
The Grocery Store–Children’s Lifestyle Session
Laundromat–Teen Lifestyle Session
The Race–An Uncontrolled Event For Documentary Coverage

My favorite method of teaching has always been demonstration. I remember the first time I accompanied a Pro Photographer on a shoot when I was just beginning my journey in photography. I learned more in one hour of watching him work than I had learned in months of reading books.

There is something to be said for the art of observation!

I want you to be able to see all these principles at work with real people, in real situations, both controlled and uncontrolled. Live! Let’s go!

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