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Welcome to the Advanced Pro: The Power of You course! I’m delighted you’re here!

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1. Read the course syllabus below.
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Advanced Pro Class Syllabus

Welcome to the Brooke Snow Advanced Pro Photography Class!  This course is designed to teach fundamentals for successful custom portrait photography that focus beyond technical basics.

It is assumed that each student has a solid understanding of the technical side of the camera (confidence in shooting in full manual mode) as that is not covered in this particular course.  As you may have realized, meaningful photography goes far beyond the technical side of shooting.  It includes everything from artistic vision to the very way we interact and build trust with our subjects.

There are four main modules for this course, broken down as follows:

Course Outline:

Week One: Preparation.
Planning a session, composing a shot list, communicating intent with the client, picking a location, and developing a vision for the shoot.

Week Two: Posing fundamentals.
Posing one subject, posing a couple, and posing families.  Creating variety in your images and keeping a good pace during the session.

Week Three: Building relationships and gaining trust.
The photographer/subject interaction and direction.   Different approaches to photographing kids, families, couples, and individuals.  Creating meaningful experiences to illicit true emotions.  Dealing with different personality types.

Week Four: Creativity and Inspiration
Finding your style
Your unique Perspective
People you are meant to serve

Tool Box

In addition to these course modules listed above, there is a toolbox area for the course covering general topics that may be of benefit to the professional photographer.

These tutorials are not associated with a correlating assignment or schedule.


How does this class work?

1.  Each week you’ll view the current video tutorial lessons for the week.  Some weeks have more than one tutorial and if possible I encourage you to watch them either in the same sitting or same day to see how they compliment each other.

2.  Homework assignments correspond with each weeks photography principles taught in the tutorials.

3. This course is a digital product and does not include a moderating instructor or interactive student base.  We understand how integral feedback can be to the learning experience, so we have included several bonus recordings of past student critiques of the same assignments for you to learn from. These critiques highlight the most common questions and experiences that students have had in this course.


Homework assignments are issued each week to further enhance your learning experience of the weeks principles. Assignments offer you the application of information and true hands on practice.

Site Access

Your password and username are valid for for the lifetime of this site. In addition to the material you find here, we’ve created a downloadable PDF textbook of all the course information as a valuable reference. Check the Downloads tab for this item.

Thank You.

Thank you for being here. I’m so excited for you and the empowering experience photography can be when we understand how to work create an amazing experience for those we photograph.