The Prime Lens and Why You Should Have One

So much is in the lenses

My suggestion to everyone is regardless of the camera brand or body you get, is to get a nice lens.  Lenses make the overall biggest difference in the quality of your images.

I always recommend Prime Lenses.

What is a Prime Lens?

Prime lenses are fixed focal length lenses.  This means that they have no zoom. They only have one focal length.  So if you want to view your image closer or further away–you move yourself, not the lens 🙂

My favorite prime is the 50mm 1.4 or the 50mm 1.8.  This is quite affordable but will allow you to do those beautiful pictures with a subject in focus and the background blurred, allow you to shoot indoors in low light with faster shutter speeds, and I feel it is actually sharper and provides richer color.  I have lenses that cost over $1000, but still use my trusty 1.4 lens about 75% of my shooting.

Many people purchase their camera with a kit lens that comes in the package.  Though this lens is “decent”, the 50mm will make your images soar.  If your budget is limited, buy the camera body separate and add this lens as a replacement for about the same price.

*do be aware that this lens is a fixed focal length, meaning there is no zoom.  You will need to move forward or backward yourself to compose your shots.

Read THIS FABULOUS ARTICLE on the 50mm and prime lenses for more lovely details on how they can improve your work and creativity.