Shoot Like A Pro

If you have ever:

  • Picked up your camera and had more questions than answers
  • Gotten a great shot but don’t understand how to repeat that look again
  • If you find yourself hoping that your images turn out rather than making them turn out
  • If you rely more on photo editing than photo taking to create a great image
  • If you simply don’t have the confidence or consistency in working with your camera


“I have exploded in my work…I can create a whole lot more and take advantage of the light all around me… I am not afraid anymore.” Christina

Ready to Shoot Like a Pro?

There are always shortcuts in any craft.

Auto Mode on your camera can appear to be the easy answer to decent photos, but it really is the photographer that makes a great picture and not just the camera!

Pro photographers learn to set their camera settings intentionally for the type of look, focus, and effect they want to achieve in their images by shooting in Manual Mode.

If this seems confusing or time consuming, fear not!
It is actually really simple and fun with great teaching (that’s me!) and some practice (that’s you!).

Together we will learn how to shoot in Manual Mode and the elements of strong composition so you can begin creating stunning photos with consistency.

“Before I don’t think I could even remotely call myself a photographer. I was a camera button pusher who hoped for a halfway decent shot. Now I understand how to use my camera and think about the shot beforehand to make sure I get what I am wanting to capture. I feel confident.” -Tasha Mitchell

Learning how to confidently Shoot Like A Pro, will help you:

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Gain Confidence in Yourself.
Translate your artistic vision easily into your photographs.
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Increase the amount of quality shots in your work.
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Save time.
Choose the right settings to use for every situation.

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Get the full value out of your camera.
It’s capable of so much more and so are you!

Shoot like a pro faster than ever–with multi-media learning.


Video Lessons

Perfect for all learning types. It’s visual. It’s aural. It’s engaging and fun. Even sneak a lesson in while you do the dishes or commute..


Build a strong foundation

Take the mystery out of shooting like a pro. All the video lessons for the course have been beautifully detailed into the course ebook, as yet another tool to build your confidence and skills. Whether it is technical rules or composition and design, you’ll understand the exact building blocks to create stunning images.


Get it right every time.

Learning all the technical + compositional tips shouldn’t be hard to remember after you take the course, but just in case, you’ll find printable/downloadable cheat sheets that summarize everything into a quick easy reference while shooting in the field.


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership takes the stress out of an online course. Your password never expires and the content never goes away. It’s always there waiting for you, especially in moments when you just need a quick refresher.

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Begin Learning Immediately.
Upon purchase you receive a private login and password unlocking all the videos, cheat sheets, ebook, and text content for the course right here on this site. You can begin learning immediately!
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Your Schedule Works.
There is no need to be online at any certain time. All content is here for you from the moment of purchase, allowing you access at any time, anywhere, and as often as you need.

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This course is a digital product and does not have an active moderating instructor.
Because feedback is still such a powerful teaching tool, you will find several bonus recordings of live critique of past student assignments for this course. These valuable bonus videos address several of the typical questions and experiences that students have had in this course.

Want to take a peek at the course?

Navigate the course menu above to get a feel for the lessons, layout, and content.


Shoot Like A Pro is Guaranteed

Purchase today completely risk free. If you are not satisfied with this course after completing all the assignments, simply write a note within 60 days of your purchase describing why you are disappointed and include your homework submissions. We will issue a refund for the full amount you paid for the course.

It’s Time
To Start Shooting Like A Pro

Imagine knowing exactly how to get the pictures you envision in your mind every time you shoot!
Start having that experience today.

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Raves from past students:

“What I Don’t (or Didn’t) Know About Photography” –full article review by Jim Muckian

“I loved it all. Now it’s finished all I want is more. How do I keep in contact without appearing to stalk:) ” –Marg Brown

“Everything was awesome, but I really loved the first two weeks with aperture and shutter speed. I’ve tried SO MANY TIMES to understand those concepts, but it didn’t click until I took this course and it’s changed everything!” Kate Jones,

“I am not a nervous person; I go with my gut! When I enrolled in Brooke’s course, I had so many people question how I would possibly learn photography from an online course. After so many questions, I began to get nervous! However, after the first week of this class, I was 100% relieved! This was the best online course I have taken. It included all modes of internet instruction: reading material, digital presentations, posts, submissions, etc. BUT, it also included an amazing digital feature: video homework reviews. I was blown away by how much I learned from a teacher critiquing mine and my classmates work by creating a video. I knew then that I was in love!”-Crystal A. “

What surprised me most about this class is that after week one I was shooting in Manual! I thought it would take the entire 4 weeks! ” –Ciera Knabe

“There may be other places and people from whom to gain photography knowledge from but I have to say that Brooke really shines because not only does she know her stuff, she is just al all-around delightful person. This experience was the perfect combination of information and personality. I loved it!”Sandy

“Some of the best $$$ I’ve spent 🙂 Cameras are a huge investment and so spending a few hundred dollars to become knowledgeable and more informed in photography is well worth the investment!” -Brenda Yates

“This class is a must for anyone who has just purchased a DLSR camera, I can’t believe how much there is to learn. I went from knowing nothing about my camera to being a confident photographer!” -Michelle

“I enjoyed how the class was structured and how personal each review was. Thank you so much for all of your help, Brooke! I really appreciated all the effort and passion you put into helping each and every one of us.” -Raini Castro

“I was a little nervous taking a photography course online. I was worried that I would just be doing a lot of reading and not get a lot out of it. I must say I was VERY impressed with this course. I felt the tutorials were well planned and easy to follow. The course outline and assignments were very organized. The feedback on assignments was personal to each student. I am much more confident in my photography skills than I was 6 weeks ago. I loved that I could watch a tutorial more than once in case I wanted to review the material covered. I am a mother of 4 young children and a University student. If I can work it into my schedule, anyone can!! If you are even considering taking this course, do it! You will absolutely not regret it.” -Marilyn

“This course is amazing value for money considering how much you will learn! I took the beginner course despite being quite an experienced photographer. However, because I am self-taught I wanted to check that there weren’t any glaring gaps in my knowledge. There were! Brooke sorted me out! I’m much more confident in my photographic abilities. I LOVED THIS COURSE! I’m looking forward to taking the Advanced Pro course soon. ” -Hayley Barnard

“The perfect photo class, for even the most inexperienced photographers! I was amazed at how quickly my brain wrapped around the concepts being taught, and then how fun it was to put each skill to practice. I felt like a proud student in elementary school again, after mastering something I thought would be too hard. Brooke has such a patient and gentle way of teaching more difficult ideas……and I credit her for my camera always being on the Manual setting now, after only a few short weeks. Hooray!”-Ashley

“I want to shoot in manual all the time! I see everything with different eyes. After learning these concepts I compare it to when you are looking to buy a house or a car, suddenly you notice every car or house for sale that you might not have before. Now I look at everything and think about how I would photograph them. I also look at pictures people have taken and am able to see what I like and don’t like about it and what rules were followed.” –Cindy Bednar


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