Module 4


Composition in Everyday Locations

“The more you see constraints as a catalyst to creativity and not a problem to be overcome, the more creative you will become.” – David Du Chemin

This is probably my favorite week of the entire course! You are now shooting in manual and have a good grasp on how to achieve your desired Depth of Field or Frozen or Implied Motion. And then the fun artsy stuff begins with composition!

What is the Real Secret To Great Composition?

Last week we introduced some of the basic principles of composition. It was usually at this point in the course that past students would start to complain to me about not knowing where all the “cool” locations were in their area for good composition. Others would lament about how their schedules were too busy to hunt around for colorful backgrounds and patterns to use in their photos. And still, others would declare that they simply were not creative minded people and could not see or find good composition locations.

None of those things matter one bit.

Just as David Du Chemin points out above, our creativity grows with constraints. I believe that to truly train ourselves to have a strong eye for composition, it will come from shooting in the most mundane everyday locations around you and making them look exciting by how you compose your shot.

Whether you feel creative or not, you already know what to look for. The elements of composition are present EVERYWHERE. Even in the very location that you are right now reading this Lesson. Promise.

If you train yourself to shoot with great composition in environments of restraint, you’ll grow so much faster as an artist than those that think they need the perfect exotic location for a great photograph.

You already have everything you need!

Let’s start to see the possibility in the everyday in the following videos!

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