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Welcome to the Shoot Like a Pro course! I’m delighted you’re here!

Getting Started:
1. Read the course syllabus below.
2. Navigate through the course menu above to find your weekly lessons and materials.

Shoot Like a Pro Class Syllabus

This course is designed to teach you how to use your camera’s manual settings and give you confidence in both the technical side of the camera as well as composition and using natural light.  There are four modules for this course, broken down as follows:

Course Outline:

Week One: Technical (The Exposure Triangle, metering, and Aperture)

Week Two: Technical (ISO and Shutter Speed)

Week Three: Composition

Week Four: Strong Composition in Everyday Locations

How does this class work?

1.  Each week you’ll view the current video tutorial lessons for the week found in the LESSONS tab.  Some weeks have more than one tutorial and if possible I encourage you to watch them either in the same sitting or same day to see how they compliment each other.

2.  After you have viewed the tutorial, you may find more in-depth instruction, or little factual tips to watch in the tool box area.  Anything in the toolbox that is  highly recommend for the week, will be mentioned in the main Lessons tutorials.

3.  Homework assignments correspond with each weeks photography principles taught in the tutorials.

The entire course is already present on the website.  There is A LOT of information.  PACE YOURSELF!  I know it can be tempting to jump ahead, but I encourage you to take the bite size pieces broken down into each individual week to avoid information overload! The best way to do this is to actually do the assignments in between each weeks lessons.  This will give you the time to process and practice what you’re learning.

Site Access

Your password and username are valid for for the lifetime of this site. In addition to the material you find here, we’ve created a downloadable  PDF textbook of all the course information as well as cheat cheats to quickly print and throw in your camera bag are yours to keep forever.  Check the Downloads tab for those items.


Homework assignments correspond with each lesson.  Assignments offer you the application of information and true hands on practice.  Most of all, these assignments provide manual shooting experience, which can help you –regardless of any deemed “success” or “failure”.

The most important thing I can teach anyone, is problem solving skills and solutions to everyday photography challenges.  The assignments provide this very opportunity.

For all homework assignments, please see the Homework menu.

Thank You.

Thank you for being here. I’m so excited for you and the empowering experience photography can be when we understand how to master our camera’s.  It’s time for you to “Shoot Like a Pro”!