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“It is by far THE BEST money I’ve spent on professional development. – Margie Duerr

You’ve always wanted to take photographs that will impress AND inspire people.

This class delivers on both!


Become the pro level shooter you’ve always dreamed of being.

Imagine being on a photo shoot while staying calm, collected, and confident the entire time. You’ve got a plan, you know how to create flattering posing, and best of all–you know how to interact in a way that invites real emotion out of every person. Did I mention how much fun everyone had during the experience? You’ll learn this and more in the course video lessons.


Want to be on a shoot with a professional photographer?
Now’s your chance!

It’s the ‘reality tv’ portion of the course! There’s something magical about watching things unfold in real time so you know what decisions, challenges, and interaction led up to the perfect shot. I don’t just teach these concepts in the lessons, I invite you along on real shoots with real people to see how they’re applied. Watching the live sessions will bring you more confidence in knowing exactly how to apply these principles on your own.


Create Your Own Perfect Plan

Much of the success of your shoot will depend on the quality of preparation you put in beforehand. The golden insights for creating an incredible experience for your subjects before, during, and after are all detailed as a quick reference guide in the course ebook manual. Print it out. Write all over it. Let it guide your own unique vision.


Invite real emotion and delight to your shooting experience.

Getting real laughter and smiles has never been easier. I arm you with dozens of ideas, questions, games, and activities that help people relax and show you their true inner light. You’ll easily create sessions that not only look great, but your people will have an amazing memorable and meaningful experience with you at the same time.


Did I mention you have lifetime access?

It’s true!
Any time you’re feeling nervous about a shoot you’ll be able to come back for a quick refresher. Get inspired, motivated, and knock your session out of the park!

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Begin Learning Immediately.
Upon purchase you receive a private login and password unlocking all the videos, invites, ebook, and text content for the course right here on this site. You can begin learning immediately!
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There is no need to be online at any certain time. All content is here for you from the moment of purchase, allowing you access at any time, anywhere, and as often as you need.

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This course is a digital product and does not have an active moderating instructor.
Because feedback is still such a powerful teaching tool, you will find several bonus recordings of live critique of past student assignments for this course. These valuable bonus videos address several of the typical questions and experiences that students have had in this course.

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Advanced Pro: The Power of You is Guaranteed

Purchase today completely risk free. If you are not satisfied with this course after completing all the assignments, simply write a note within 60 days of your purchase describing why you are disappointed and include your homework submissions. We will issue a refund for the full amount you paid for the course.


It’s Time
To Discover the Power of You

Imagine knowing exactly how to create images that look great and are full of emotion!
Start having that experience today.

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Reviews from past students:

This class rocked my world! It was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far. I feel more confident and have SO many more tools in my tool box now. I had no idea how much would be covered in this class…WAY more than I expected! It covers everything from business management to preparation to posing to lifestyle photography to beloved photography to photo composition to editing to evoking authentic expressions in a photo session. I’m so impressed with this class! I LOVED every minute of it! This class is so thorough and so worthwhile. I savored every minute of it!” –Jill Reid

“I was nervous that with an online class I would get a lot out of it. I was expecting to see tutorials and practice them, but the tutorials went so far beyond just instruction…they really dove into the ‘why’ which helped me understand the concepts and ideas better. I’ve taken several in person workshops before and I feel I got a lot more out of this one. This class has helped my confidence tremendously. I have always hated posing and loved lifesyle-type photography, but was never sure how to go about getting the look I wanted when I had subjects that were not naturally comfortable in front of the camera. I’d usually chat a bit and then tell them to just chat with each other for a bit while I walked around and snapped photos. There was no purpose to my shooting, I was just clicking away hoping for a good moment. I love that now I’m creating the moment – and that it goes so far beyond just the photos and turns the session into an experience. I am definitely shooting with more purpose and enjoying the sessions more – and my clients are too! I feel like I’m getting more of the genuine emotion I was after and I now see how posing and this style of photography go hand in hand. Before, I hated posing and tried to not do it if I didn’t have to…now I see that I can still po se people, but not end up with posey-posey photos. –Kim Chodorowski

“I think the biggest thing is that you don’t get too worked up about the name of the course…you don’t have to be a practiced professional to take the advanced pro course! There is so much to be learned when surrounded by other creative people.”- Trisha Haws

“This class will change your view as a photographer and a person forever-it inspires,it makes you love what you are doing, it pushes your boundaries, challenges you, it makes you wanna go and take photos..” Kristina Gorokohva

I have confidence that in spite of what goes wrong I can use the ideas I came up during the planning phase to salvage the situation! I’ve been liberated! The confidence you will get from what you cover in the course is, without exaggeration, life changing! You will never look at a photography brief in the same way again.” -Pete

I am more focused, I feel that what I do now has a purpose. I used to think ‘any idiot with a camera and photoshop could take the pictures I take, what’s the point?’. I was bored with photography, and for months I had a photographer’s block. I did not want a course about the technicalities of photography, I needed a course that would inspire me back into loving what I do and it has done exactly that.” –Noelia

I was surprised by the wealth of information for non-pro shooters. In signing up, I assumed there would be many aspects that wouldn’t apply to me and I was still confident the class would be beneficial and worth it, but I was amazed at how applicable most all of the info was for hobby shooters, too. -Janet

I really like the list of games to interact with clients. Amazing. I had already been doing a couple of things on there, but your list was much more amazing.” -Charolotte

Planning and interviewing. These two concepts are things I never even thought of before this course. It has made a huge difference in my confindence and I’m really enjoying photographing so much more now that I can relax. This was an incredible class and worth every penny! This class has pushed me in the right direction, given me a lot of confidence and really motivated me! -Nancy Hagaman

“I definitely look at images in a different way. Other photographers poses look stiff and lifeless to me (is that judgey!?) I’ll never allow a “camera smile” to pass the culling process again. 🙂 I have tools in my tool box for a shoot that I didn’t have before – games, invites…and that amazes me. While I think I always did find some real emotion before, I don’t think it was every shot, and it certainly wasn’t orchestrated. Perhaps now it’s not a con. I’m the real deal, and I hope my clients will see that. 🙂” -Colette Port

“There are hundreds of places you can take a photography class and become educated about the technique and science behind perfect pictures. Brooke’s class will definitely give you those technical tools you would expect in an advanced photography class. But then you need to brace yourself for an experience that will completely transform the way you view photography, the subjects you shoot, and how you shoot them. This experience has been so much more than just a photography class for me– it’s been an inspiring journey that has brought depth, and new life into my pictures and more importantly has changed me personally for the better. Brooke Snow is a master teacher, inspiration, and literally a guide to help you walk through a 4 week course that will elevate and transform the way you shoot and view photography forever. The only downside is her classes fill up so fast, you really have to be quick!” –Renee Jacobson

I loved all your tips about posing. Loved how you taught us to exahust the post and location. I somtimes think I need to have so many different poses planned but exahusting the post was so perfect. Same thing with the location. So many times I have done two different locations. Exausting the location will save me so much time.” Lynette Kankamp

“I benefited SO much by taking a step back and looking at my whole approach to a shoot. I honestly didn’t expect to spend so much time focusing on the prep and thought process before a shoot, but in doing so I found that was EXACTLY what I needed. I now feel so much more prepared, and therefore more confident, for my shoots now than I was before. Also, I have found that creating my posing guides and really having a lot of variations at my disposal has meant that my photos are more varied and that I don’t get “thrown for a loop” in my sessions as much if unexpected circumstances arise. I think I was sort of “anti-posing” before this class, but now I find that the posing plus the Beloved techniques really is enhancing my photos and taking them to another level, as well as giving each session much more variation in the types of images I can present clients.” –Sara Arragoni

“I feel I’m more thoughtful in my approach. I’ve been working on the technical aspect for some time now, but I feel I have an even better sense of my style and taste in my work. I feel I found my own voice during this course and now I can continue to nurture and grow in that and keep pushing myself to learn more and develop my art.” –Melissa Wilson

“It’s given me much more confidence. I feel like I can offer people a quality product EVERY time now. The parent “pep talk” is such a great thing to do. I hate it when kids get grounded for acting up…and then they’re trying not to cry for the rest of the session. Three thumbs up!” -Jennie

“Oh my Gosh! What didnt’ help me in this class!!! Both this and the natural light class have changed my life and my drive for my business. I have done more in the past 2 weeks since I have complete this course than I have in the past year! I have been given tools and information that quite honestly, most people in the business don’t want to share.” -Wendy Shea

“I am much more aware of the little things when I shoot. Before your class, I would take a picture and change the “pose” or “look” without exhausting the pose. I am also much, much more conscience of getting the look I want before I snap 1,000 pics.” -Jamey Reed

This class exceeded my expectations. It was so beyond and above what I have experienced before. Brooke is not only an amazing photography, but can take what she knows and relay it to her class. I didn’t feel like this was an on-line class. It was so personal. The great thing about this class is that it will help you improve your photography in ways that other classes miss. It is designed to bring out the best in you and it helped me to discover my true strengths. I was struggling with what direction I want to take my business and with some insight from Brooke, I now feel at peace with my decision. -Jacquie Meisenheimer

“This isn’t a class about how to use your camera or technical aspects of photography – Brooke assumes you have this pinned down already. This is class about photographic inspiration. Not inspiration as some highfalutin abstract thing but how inspiration comes through thorough preparation, understanding your subjects, understanding yourself and from what is going on around you. You will be a much more professional photographer at the end of this class. –Hayley Barnard

“The game changing part for me was two fold – the idea that sessions are an exchange of both photographer & subject (ie the beloved) and that the session can be an experience – that it’s more about the person being photographed than ‘me’ the photographer.” -Pamela Joye

“I loved learning to accept the idea that I could pose people AND get interactive, exciting photos. I don’t feel comfortable posing people because I don’t want them to look or feel stiff, but now I feel like I can help people look their best, and get the types of photos I love to take. I have taken several online courses. I can say without hesitation that this is the best I have ever taken. –Macy Robison

“Not to sound prideful, but I was worried that my skill level would be above the teaching of the class. So many classes focus on working the camera, exposure, and so forth that I often find out I’ve signed up for something that I already have mastered. This class is NOT that class.After overworking myself to the point of boredom, Brooke’s class was a breath of fresh air. I needed challenges to go outside of what I was comfortable with, to find new perspectives on relating with clients, and to grow as a person in photography, not just as “a photographer.” This is not about a new way to process or a new trick within your camera – it is about YOU. It is about relating with others. My perspective and energy is new and invigorated! It is a blessing!”-Misti

“It is packed with information and processes that will only take you farther in your photography journey than you could have imagined. It is by far THE BEST money I’ve spend on professional development. OMG. It’s opened up a whole new way of interacting with my clients thus giving me images that far surpass (in my opinion) others in this area. Yesssssssss!” -Margie Duerr

“I came into this class feeling incredibly uncomfortable with posing my subjects, knowing what to do on the spot, finding locations, and knowing how to feel like a professional. But within the first week of the class, I felt doubly confident and well supported by Brooke and her instruction. My photographs went from average to fantastic…no really! My confidence level has been raised and I now feel like I am not an amateur anymore. The tutorials, assignments, and information put together pushed me to discover my potential…and that I did! The more you put into this class the more you will get out of it. After putting my whole self into it, I feel like I have a support system that I can turn to that includes Brooke and all the other students I took the class with. That is a great feeling!” – Carrie

“Brooke is phenomenal! I can’t say enough good about her. Her style and approach are down to earth, warm, fun, friendly and she is extremely knowledgeable. I don’t know of another on-line class that is as personable and interactive at the same time. I’ve taken several classes from Brooke and have never been disappointed. She has taught me things that I didn’t know I wanted to learn. The information always exceeds expectations and is so much more than just the textbook type of stuff. If you are considering a photography class, I would without doubt recommend Brooke!” -Yvonne

“Brooke Snow provides just the right mix of enthusiasm, compassion, education, and constructive feedback to make this an AMAZING class. Her teaching style is genuine and and her enthusiasm for photography and teaching shines throughout the course of this 4-work adventure. Her teachings pushed me to become a better photographer, define a sense of individuality and really begin to understand my place in the marketplace. I can’t wait to take all of the valuable information I leaned and put it into practice.” –Beryl

“I signed up for the advanced pro class thinking it would challenge me to become a more creative photographer. What I got was a challenge to the core of my business! Brooke presented topics and asked questions that made me rethink every aspect of my business from branding to style, purpose to technique. In some ways, I was left with more questions than answers because Brooke’s thoughtful comments and advice spoke to me on so many levels. I learned that I have a lot of work to do to.I highly recommend this to any photographer who needs to get out of a rut! “ –Kelly

“I loved the videos. It made me feel like I was attending class in person! I loved the feeling of “being there” to watch you in action! It was better than in person because I could pause and re-watch anything I wanted.” -D.B.

“The explanation of the whole concept of utilizing invitations and all of the wonderful invitation ideas has helped HUGE. I like the videos that actually show this interaction also, it’s great to see a professional utilizing these techniques.” -Maureen DelGaudio

I was honestly hesitant to spend the funds, but I feel it has been of the best decisions I have made since learning to shoot full manual. I feel like that the course will eventually pay for itself rather quickly. -Kimberly DuPree

“I think I was most surprised by how much non-photography stuff I got out of this class. Things like where to find inspiration, finding balance, being true to yourself. These are things that I never expected to get when I enrolled in the course but are just as valuable. Brooke is an absolute gift full of knowledge, support, and inspiration you can’t help but become a better photographer after taking her course.” -Katherine Lightner

“I have taken other online courses and this one was by far the most in depth and valuable class I have attended. It’s a very holistic approach to photography and one that I found enlightening and inspiring! Worth every penny!” Melissa Rich

“I was blown away with the content and how it fulfilled what was promised. I was honestly very nervous to pay $325 for a class. But by the end of the 1st week, I already felt that I got my money’s worth! This class went above and beyond my expectations. Every single “testimony” on the web sight is true. This class is a missing link in making a good photographer an incredible photographer. Brooke is kind, honest, and open, a real gifted teacher.” Natalie O’Neill