Module 3



I’m a little excited. This is my favorite part of the course! We’ve just spent the first half of the class laying an aesthetic foundation to help us make the most of our locations, our planning, and creating posing that is flattering.

But guess what?

Even the most beautiful looking picture is void without the life that emotion brings.

You will find no shortage of “beautiful” photographs that are well posed, well styled, well photographed and creative.

But if the SOUL is missing, the impact is missing as well.

We want our work to be more than something pretty. More than just “eye candy”.

We want our work to cause people to FEEL something inside.

Whether it’s humor, playfulness, love, joy, sentiment, intimacy or even sympathy and sorrow. Impact and impression are results of feelings people have when they view your work.

If you want to feel something when you look at your picture, you must feel something when you create the picture.

There’s no room for pretending.

Getting authentic emotion out of people is a bit of a process. I have tried accomplishing this in the past by trying to be funny. Surely, if I could get people to laugh at me, then I could get the real laughing shot. This could work–except for the fact that I’m not actually funny 🙂

This week we’re going to explore the art of interaction. And the best part is…just how easy it really is.

The following videos will discuss:

  • Photographer/Subject interaction
  • Building Relationships of Trust
  • Connecting
  • Tips for Shooting Children
  • Philosophy on Shooting Families
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