Lifestyle: Telling the Story

“My photography is no longer just pretty pictures! It has meaning and a story behind it!” Ciera Knabe

Life is beautiful, AS IS.

You know the extra tug on your heart strings that comes viewing the snapshot of your son covered in mud from a day playing in the rain?

How lucky we are to not have photography limited only to clean clothes, forced smiles, and perfected posing!

Real life is beautiful.

Lifestyle photography makes a happy home for all the wonderful REAL parts of life


Bring your stories to life.

Whether you’re photographing your own family or working with clients, you have a one of a kind perspective on the stories you can tell. You’ll learn all the tools to use in the course video lessons that will enhance your own unique perspective.

How about a dose of ‘reality tv’?

Is there any better way to learn than being a part of the real thing? We don’t just talk about these concepts, I feature four live lifestyle sessions all filmed on location. It’s so easy to understand how to apply these technics when you watch someone else do it and see the interaction, decisions, and planning that go into each shot as it happens.


So just how much of lifestyle photography
is in fact, “real”?

The answer may surprise you!

You may happen upon a magical unplanned candid moment or you can set aside shooting time for a themed lifestyle session equipped with a plan. We refer to these two contrasts as controlled or uncontrolled settings. We talk all about how to approach both. You’ll find all these lessons beautifully detailed in the course ebook as yet another assessable tool for finding your voice as a master storyteller.


Bring lifestyle and story into your photography with a cheat sheet.

You have so many stories that are waiting to be told that only your unique voice can convey. We boiled down the entire course goodness into quick reference guides to use while you shoot, so you’ll always remember even the tiniest of tips that can bring life and story to your work.


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Because feedback is still such a powerful teaching tool, you will find several bonus recordings of live critique of past student assignments for this course. These valuable bonus videos address several of the typical questions and experiences that students have had in this course.

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It’s Time
To Bring Real Story To Your Work

Imagine knowing exactly how to convey the feelings of beautiful reality through your photography!
Start having that experience today.

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Reviews from past students:

“Brooke’s lifestyle class changed my lifestyle. Period.”Elizabeth Halford

“I’m looking for ways to include myself in my photos and feeling refreshed and creative, excited about shooting again!” –Lisa Edney

“Oh my goodness! I am a different photographer now because I think that I have so much more of a vision about what I want my images to convey! My whole approach has changed and I feel like I can be more intentional about what I shoot. And not only that, I have been given the tools to get me started working on my vision! I feel like I have so much more purpose in what I am doing! Can I tell you again how excited I am to continue with all the great things I have learned!” -Megan

“Discovering Brooke’s Lifestyle class was the motivation I needed to jumpstart my personal photography, but I found the lessons were equally applicable to my photography business. When you are comfortable documenting your own authentic life, it’s much easier to document others lives and present them as the real, raw emotions that make our hearts sing.” –Carey Vorholt

I have more ideas about how to make a story come to life in a picture. I want that for the pictures to take for myself and family (since I don’t do this as a business). But if I do take pictures for friends then I have a bit more confidence that I will be able to give them more than I could have before.” –Lisa Anderson

“I never thought of my photography in terms of a story but I’m a huge scrap booker. I love telling the story through the photos and journaling less. I learned story elements in grade school but never thought about how to bring it back into art. This class really helped to explore events and daily life activities to more than smiling faces but to capture details and see things from a different perspective. I loved it!” -Nicole Anderson

“I found myself less concerned about getting the technical aspect perfect and more interested in the story element. Not that I totally let go of hoping to get my settings right, but I felt the pressure lighten and it was liberating to enjoy taking photos while learning. I think in some ways I’ve been reminded of my purpose in taking photos. I have always wanted to preserve the moments – and I think I was in my last class getting caught up in more ‘portraits’, wanting my boys to look at me and stop what they were doing which isn’t really the images I am hoping to come away with. The difference now is that I feel more focused, relaxed, inspired and encouraged. (Thank you).” -Amy

“Yes. I know gaining confidence in our own work was something you hoped we would gain from this class but honestly I didn’t know if that would happen for me. I was really nervous that it wouldn’t. But by the end of the class, it did. And hopefully that will show up in my work.” Betty of Sunshineroots

“Before, I was new to manual shooting, trying to grasp the interplay of light and composition… and now when I see pictures in my mind, I try to connect them to a conceptual idea, using those storytelling concepts. I would say that Brooke takes you from learning basic english and forming sentences (photo basics) to crafting (and publishing) a story.” -Allison Plass of Urban Exhale

“I was surprised at how my whole approach and thought process has changed about photography! I am so intrigued with the idea of “show, don’t tell” and the ways that I can do that. I feel like a light switch has been turned on for me and I am so inspired to continue down this path!” -Megan

“I loved learning about the decisive moment. That phrase sticks in my head now, and I’m always thinking “decisive moment”. I loved watching your lifestyle shoots. One of the things I love most about photography is that you can take something rather ordinary and make it amazing… it was fun to see that in action. I’ve always leaned towards lifestyle, and have incorporated some of the elements in my sessions before, but now I can feel like I’m doing it deliberately, and that I have the “training” to do it. I love lifestyle photography, and you opened my eyes to even more possibilities with it.” –Melinda Smith

“I am a different photographer because of this course and a much happier, fulfilled photographer!” -Kristy

“I have more confidence now to go with my heart, not try to follow trends so much or do what I think others expect. I am now even more aware that the emotion of the moment is the most important part of a photograph. Technical aspects are important, but mean nothing without the soul.” –Natasha Parvin

“At the end of our class I was talking with my husband one night. I was almost crying as I told him how proud I felt of myself for doing something for me and bettering myself. It feels like a long time since I have really grown in a way that was just for me. It felt like I had really made myself better and done something that I have really wanted to do. I feel like I haven’t done that in a long time. I have always had a HUGE desire to learn photography and have been putting it off for a long time. I was always thinking that I would do this when my kids were in school and I had more time. I am so glad that I took the time NOW to take time for myself. It’s not always easy to find the time, but well worth it!” -Ann White

“Brooke’s Lifestyle class is a wonderful opportunity for photographers of all levels to look at their approach to imagemaking from a new perspective. Not only do students get the benefit of Brookes’ knowledge and philosophy on creating strong storytelling images, they get personalized feedback and encouragement from Brooke and other students. If students want to learn to create images that are memorable, moving, and do more than just exhibit skillful photography, this is the class to take. This was my first foray into online education, and I chose this class not only because I wanted to become a better lifestyle photographer, but because it was affordable, gave me access to the instructor, and fit easily into my busy schedule. I am so pleased with my experience, I’ve already signed up for my next Brooke Snow online class! I only wish there were even more classes to take.” –Jen

“Brooke really explains the ins-and outs of what effective lifestyle photography really is, in a way that is both engaging and easy to follow. She also does a wonderful job of demonstrating different circumstances and situations where you can use the techniques she teaches so that any photographic situation you put yourself into, you feel armed with the tools to make the shoot a success. I’m a regular mom who started out being passionate about taking better photos of my little one growing up. During her class, I began shooting friends and neigbors for practice. There hasn’t been a single photo I’ve taken since her class, where the tenets of each lesson weren’t running through my brain as I moved through the shoot. As a result, the feedback on my work has been amazing and people are looking to hire me. Imagine my suprise and delight! I attribute this newfound success with the perspectives I gained from Brook’s class. It really gets you thinking about the story each moment holds, and how to capture that story in ways that are meaningful to yourself or a client.” -Janeen

“It was such a treat to learn from Brooke. I feel that my work has changed tremendously as a result of these four weeks.
While taking the Lifestyle class, I had a shoot with a two year-old boy. I incorporated the lessons I learned from Brooke. Here is an excerpt of the mother’s email after she received her photos:
‘Thanks from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing, well rounded shoot, complete with location shots that I can use to compile photos together. The themes worked so well! I love the sense of humor and art in your photography.’
I have so much confidence now in my ability to create complete and interesting stories with my photos. Brooke has changed the way I see the world through my camera. -Kerry

“Lifestyle Class is for those photographers who want to move beyond portraiture to capture the stories of those lives they are privileged to capture. Tired of the same ol’ smiling-face shots? Getting too many snapshots vs. keepers? Learn to frame the moments that matter in this course.” –Janet

“Amazing class! Well worth the money. I loved how Brooke gave videos about each concept learned, two other videos sharing the end results from a previous session she did and her thought process creating it. Brooke had amazing ideas and I learned a ton. I am already signed up for another class!” -Elise

This class is worth every penny. You will be so glad you took this course. It will change your perspective on how you look at photography as well as how you shoot. It’s so breathtaking to know that I have learned the skills to take very natural/life like photos.” -Lynette

“I gained so much in this Lifestyle class. It really changed my perspective and inspired me to look at ordinary things in a whole new light.I have a large family, so for me, it was awesome to learn how to capture those everyday moments in our lives. It’s the every day life that fills us with gladness and joy and this course taught me how to capture those memories for myself and prospective clients!” – Dana Griffin